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Insurance Restoration Services

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Why Having Barkley-Jensen Assist You Through the Insurance Process is so Valuable


Most homeowners never know they have insurance-eligible storm damage until they have their roof and home exterior professionally inspected.We conduct a FREE roof-and-home inspection of your property and determine if your home has sustained any storm damage.


We will speak and work with your insurance company on your behalf to take the headache out of claim filing. 


We arrange to meet with the insurance adjuster on the day of initial inspection in order to bring forward all damage uncovered during our in-depth inspection and help ensure no damage is overlooked.


If certain items are left off the original insurance scope where we have documented photos of the damage, we will submit a supplement request with photos and explanation on your behalf to ensure ALL of your eligible damage is covered


If by chance your claim is denied or only partially approved after the initial inspection, we can appeal for you at no cost! Our expert team is fluent in the appeals process - we can very often get claims overturned that otherwise would have been denied. 

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Roof Shingles
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Roofing is the heart of what we do here at Barkley-Jensen, we are experts in everything roofing!




Siding is often a key casualty of storm damage and one of the most important aspects of your home's curb appeal. Let us help you with your siding needs!

Gutter work is almost always included with roofing projects - especially through insurance. We are experts in gutter installation.


From start to finish, when dealing with insurance companies, there is nothing we have not seen before. Let us help you make the most of your claim and ensure all damage to your home is covered. 



Barkley-Jensen was founded with the idea of putting you, the homeowner, first. Here at Barkley-Jensen we do everything in our power to provide you with the absolute best service possible. Not only in terms of quality and craftsmanship, but also in customer care, attention to detail, and genuine concern for the outcome of  your home remodeling project.

We have seen first-hand how poorly some companies treat homeowners throughout the insurance process and failing to properly accommodate – it is our mission to set the bar higher and create a positive overall experience from start to finish for a seamless insurance restoration experience. We care about your satisfaction and conduct business as such. Let Barkley-Jensen help you with your insurance claim and the difference will show. 

From the top down, we work to be different. We believe in honesty, hard work, and treating our customers with the respect and transparency they deserve. If there's a problem, we will be honest and straight-forth. If there's a miscommunication or error, we will do our best to make it right every time. We are as proud of our integrity and honesty as a company as we are of our workmanship and attention to detail.  Give us a chance to give you the attention and care most contractors will not and we promise you will not be let down!

"We treat our customers how we would wish to be treated" 



The Barkley-Jensen Team


Barkley-Jensen Roofing & Restoration

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"I was promised the world when it came customer care by Patrick when I first chose this company, and that's exactly what I got! Every question, email, call, concern and step along the way Patrick was there to help! The most genuine, respectful, and attentive help I could have asked for I got every step of the way. Patrick made the whole process easy."

-Jessie, Greensboro NC

"I had no clue there was damage to my roof until the team at Barkley-Jensen came out and spotted damage during their inspection. They helped me file my claim and my whole roof got approved by insurance! Getting their door knock was such a blessing, I had no idea"

-Mingwei, Cary NC

"I could not have chosen a better company than Barkley-Jensen to do my roof. My insurance company denied my claim originally and my rep Chase submitted photos and appealed on my behalf, got my claim approved, and ended up getting my entire roof replaced!"

- Jeremy, Cary NC


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