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Here at Barkley-Jensen we specialize in roofing of all types. We consider ourselves a complete exterior remodeling company but at heart we love doing roofing projects!

We are able to help with both retail and insurance roofing processing, however roofs are VERY commonly covered by insurance!

Most homeowners have no idea their roof is damaged and can be undetectable to the untrained eye. Let us help deem if your roof is damaged and/or may qualify for insurance approval!

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Gutters are one of the most commonly covered insurance items due to storm damage. 

The majority of roofing scopes we deal with also deal with gutter damage, so we can get any gutter needs you may have taken care of. 

Note the images at the bottom of the page! All it takes is a couple of dents in order to get FULL HOME gutter and downspout replacement - we cannot speak for your insurance company, but any form of storm damage, no matter how small, typically qualifies .

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Siding is one of the single most important features of your home's exterior.


Curb appeal, property value, and home protection are all dependent on strong and healthy siding. Let one of our inspection experts evaluate the condition of your siding at no cost!

More often than not homeowners have no idea their siding is damaged until an expert takes a look.

See images below for how illusive siding cracks can be!

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Insurance Restoration

If you are like most homeowners, you have likely never filed a claim before. Therefore, many of the intricacies and headaches associated with dealing with insurance companies may be unfamiliar to you. 

Here at Barkley-Jensen, we are experts when it comes to dealing with insurance companies and storm damage. We aim to take the headache out of the claims process by handling and managing your claim for you - from start to finish. 

Very often, initial scopes from insurance companies - through no fault of their own - leave out damaged items that may not be so obvious or were overlooked, a small crack in siding or a chipped PVC fence for example. But, once they send their scope from their initial inspection, they consider things to be closed on their end. That is, unless, you have an experienced insurance recovery company who is incentivized to find ALL damage sustained to your property and resubmit any and all damage that was not included in the insurance company's initial scope. This appeal (or supplement) as referred to in the industry, opens things back up and frequently gets the homeowner a tremendous amount more out of their claim. 


Another example of where our insurance services really make a difference: an insurance company only covers one side of siding (the only side with damage). In this instance, we have several tools at our disposal; we may argue the siding is faded and replacing it would not match. We may also take a sample of the siding and mail it out for an ITEL report and discover it is no-longer produced and then argue for entire home siding replacement so you do not have a multi-color home. These are real things we run into on a day to day basis that are not intuitive and need an expert to make the proper arguments - each case is different.

Our point being, regardless of the scenario, we are prepared to do what it takes to get you what you deserve through your insurance claim and are experts at doing so.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to have an experienced insurance recovery contractor to work with your insurance company on your behalf.


We often equate it to going to court without an attorney; things might go ok, but without a doubt could have been easier and had a more positive overall experience by having an attorney represent you - the same applies to homeowners claims and having an insurance recovery specialist help throughout the claims process - let us take the headache out of dealing with insurance companies and represent you to make sure you get everything restored as you deserve!


Barkley-Jensen Roofing & Restoration


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